The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living This book offers best practices for synthesizing four “spheres” of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health. Filled with examples and perspectives from thought leaders, The 4 Spheres is relevant for anyone committed to growth. John Michael De Marco on Kindle

A Trickle of Consciousness John Michael DeMarco

A Trickle of Consciousness Boy loses dog. Boy meets girl. In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, a single father’s hike in the woods leads to unexpected loss, love, and a chance to reconcile the past with the present. This novella is a quick but enriching read.

John Michael De Marco on Kindle

The Book Club Widowers by John Michael DeMarco

The Book Club Widowers Three suburban mothers take their wine-filled, literary discussions on a beach trip. And vanish. The fathers remain behind, balancing their ambitions and failures with trying to help their bewildered children move forward. Ambiguity reigns as lines blur between friends and enemies.

John Michael De Marco on Kindle


The Wine Steward’s Lover Kate Hart`s fledgling career implodes, sending her into graduate school searching for healing and direction. New men with unclear motives enter her life, along with an older and wiser female classmate and the timeless writings of Joseph Campbell, as Kate embarks upon a heroine’s journey.

John Michael De Marco on Kindle


Narcissus Blinked

Prolonged disappointment can lead to self-absorption, which flows easily into distraction and, quite often, temptation. Enter a day in the life of suburban advertising executive Jacob, as new friends try to illuminate his blind spots and open his heart afresh to compassion. John Michael De Marco on Kindle