The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living This short book unpacks and offers best practices for thriving within—and synthesizing—the four “spheres” of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Loaded with open-ended reflection questions and references to numerous thought leaders, The 4 Spheres encapsulates John's approach to executive and life coaching and is relevant reading for anyone committed to personal and professional growth. John Michael De Marco on Kindle

The Book Club Widowers: A Novel A weekend beach trip sounds perfect for a group of women who enjoy discussing literature and sipping wine in the back of a fledgling bookstore. But as the departure date arrives, most have to back out due to family demands, work needs, and illnesses. Thirty-something mothers Emma, Jackie, and Kari still get to go and are viewed as "the lucky ones"...until they vanish, and their husbands, children, and friends left behind must cope with emotions, needs, and responsibilities amid lives thrown headlong into ambiguity.

John Michael De Marco on Kindle


The Wine Steward's Lover  After 29-year-old Kate Hart`s career implodes, the highly-structured, lifelong Nashvillian stumbles into grad school to catch her breath and gain clarity. Then, the unexpected arrives: A heroine`s journey into ambiguity, new friends straddling the borders of tragedy, the potential reconciliation of her fractured family...and the disappearance of a handsome, intriguing young man just minutes after Kate falls in love with him.

John Michael De Marco on Kindle


Narcissus Blinked

 Married, disillusioned advertising wordsmith Jacob is on the verge of an affair with his married neighbor, Julia. At the height of their verbal seduction Julia suddenly attempts suicide, plunging Jacob into a full-day's journey from self-absorption to self-awareness as the future of two families hangs in the balance. Almost any spiritually-hungry, restless suburbanite asking life’s larger questions will relate to Jacob’s plight in some manner. John Michael De Marco on Kindle


Chased by the Wind: A Youth's Literary Search for God In this rather unusual memoir, John De Marco dissects 15 books and hundreds of songs and journal entries he wrote during his teens. The result is a retrospective revelation of a young person’s nascent search for God and the meaning of life, amid surprising footprints of grace. This short book will help readers to “connect the dots” across different episodes of their younger years, and find inspiration and clarity toward what’s coming next. John Michael De Marco on Kindle