Ready, Set…Rest!

Ready, Set…Rest!


Many of you might relate to the need for an occasional day of “doing nothing.” The thought of such a day makes me salivate right now.

In 2016, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just do nothing for a full day, let alone a weekend. So far, I’ve traveled for business to New York City three times, South Florida once, and Seattle once, and am about to return to Seattle before additional trips to the NYC area and South Florida. Both Seattle trips have involved traveling on a Sunday. I’m hoping to catch my breath in mid-March before taking my children on a long-anticipated trip to California for their spring break.

Being on the go so much requires lots of strategic planning, and not just regarding packing what you need in terms of clothes, toiletries, and business supplies. There’s the consideration of eating well and getting exercise, along with ensuring enough sleep. I find that the less breaks between business trips, the more off-kilter these other important areas become. Naps on weekends have become a must for me the past few years.

How do you stay healthy and “integrated” (a term I prefer to “balanced”) while on the road? What helps you to recover in between trips? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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