A Divorced Dad’s Dilemma

A Divorced Dad’s Dilemma

Russ O’Rourke is divorced from Emma O’Rourke, one of three book club mothers who vanish during a weekend “girls’ trip” in my upcoming novel The Book Club Widowers. Suddenly, Russ goes from having his teenage son Pete every other week to being a full-time single dad. And if that wasn’t challenging enough, Pete has a snarly attitude and is starting to experiment with marijuana.

The O’Rourke divorce wasn’t pretty. Russ bore a lot of the blame, and carries a mixture of guilt and anger. He can’t stand Emma, but also can’t take that she’s missing. He wants Emma’s influential father, real estate magnate Mario Lazano, to do more to help the police find the women.

In general, Russ is a mess.

As some clues about foul play begin to emerge, Russ is faced with some tough decisions. Is he willing to put everything on the line, and risk his own life, in order to save the woman he once loved so deeply…the mother of his only child? As a divorced father, what would you do?

Russ’s story spans the 400 pages of The Book Club Widowers, which will be available on Amazon Kindle in early April. For additional updates, check out the book’s Facebook fan page found at https://www.facebook.com/TheBookClubWidowers/. Also, please visit www.johnmichaeldemarco.com to download copies or samples of my other four books.