“American Angst,” A Trilogy of Sorts

“American Angst,” A Trilogy of Sorts

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five star reviews recommended fiction weekend read buy onlineNow that The Book Club Widowers: A Novel is available in both paperback and Kindle formats, I believe that what I term my “American Angst Trilogy” is now complete.

The time period of writing these books coincided with a very challenging and disillusioning season in my personal life. It’s an era that’s now closed but one that’s left me humbled, hopefully a bit wiser, and certainly grateful for numerous joys and possibilities. I’m now setting my sights on more international themes and settings in my forthcoming fiction; namely, a planned seven-part series that I’ll begin writing this summer.

So what the hell is “American Angst?” You can probably hazard a few guesses with near-100 percent accuracy, but here’s the themes I noticed emerging from the pages of the three novels I’ve written and published across the past five years:

The Book Club Widowers: A Novel (2016)

Plot: Three Daytona Beach mothers/book club members head off on a weekend getaway and disappear, leaving husbands, children, and friends to sort through the voids, ambiguities, and personal growth needs left behind.

Key Themes:

* Disappointment
* Uncertainty
* Indoctrination/blind following
* Powerlessness
* Addiction
* Resiliency
* Marriage
* Children

The Wine Stewards Lover (2012)

Plot: A 29-year-old Nashville woman wanders into graduate school after her promising corporate career implodes, and becomes obsessed with finding a man she met at a wine tasting while simultaneously submitting herself to the fires of intense personal growth.

Key Themes:

* Victim mentality
* Self-stewardship as heroism
* Ambiguity
* Identity (one’s job, one’s land, one’s attachments)
* Sensory awareness
* Wine quality vs. people quality
* Addiction/inner darkness

Narcissus Blinked (2011)

Plot: A day in the life of a married, suburbanite advertising executive (and disillusioned ex-playwright), as he teeters on an affair with his married neighbor and runs into people who challenge his thinking and explode his self-awareness.

Key Themes:

* Narcissism
* Negativity
* Compassion
* Mindfulness
* Vocational love
* Marriage
* Children

Please give the “trilogy” a try by clicking here, and let me know if you resonate with one or more of the themes found in these books. Book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, plus a post on Facebook, earn you eternal entry into the John De Marco Gratefulness Hall of Fame and lifelong friendship! Thanks for reading this blog and for your support!