Becoming Wise…and Gentle…and Loving

Becoming Wise…and Gentle…and Loving

I’m captivated these days by the book Becoming Wise, published in April by the host of the weekly radio program “On Being,” Krista Tippett.

Tippett’s prose comes across just like her interview voice: gentle, thoughtful, patient, loving, listening…I can’t say enough about how much I adore her communication style. The depth she brings to complex issues such as war, violence, racism, politics, religion, love, and so many other topics is uncommon and stands in stark contrast to today’s public debates. If there was ever a book that needed to be read by any person who influences or leads others, it’s Becoming Wise.

If there was ever a book that needed to be ready by any person, period, who wants to grow more gentle and loving, it’s Becoming Wise.

I’m still stutter-stepping through life. I have hours or even days of peaceful clarity and gentle communication, and then I’ll get very angry about something, usually something political, and impulsively post a missive on Facebook. And then I’ll remove it. I feel very unwise in those moments.

Then I read something like Tippett’s book, and I’m inspired to pick myself up and try again. And to realize that there’s a very symbiotic relationship between failure and emerging wisdom.

I’d like to begin to fail at different things rather than the same things, of course. More noble things. The journey continues.