Documenting My White Privilege

For white people, one of the most important foundations of racial justice work is recognizing and accepting one’s existing white privilege. White privilege, once embraced as a dynamic, constant reality in American life, is not something to feel defensive or guilty about. More helpfully, awareness of privilege can cultivate gratitude–and the will to extend privileges […]

stacey abrams

Racial Justice: Voting Rights and Access (Updated, Aug. 2020)

Voting rights comes first in my ongoing efforts to fight racism against Black People, Latinx People, and Indigenous People, because without voting you cannot elect people into power who can then enact policy changes that you care about. These BIPOC communities (for whom voting is especially challenging this year due to COVID-19) are disproportionately removed […]


Mindful Activism: How to Get Started

“Mindful Activism” seeks to influence the adoption of policies that reduce the suffering caused by various injustices–and to do so in a compassionate, skillful manner. Such activism, in order to be successful, must first be about “being” before moving into “doing.” The “being” has to be continuously nourished, lest the “doing” lead to burnout, discouragement, […]


How to Use This Website

Welcome! I help people enhance personal and business relationships, opportunities, and results through: Mindful Content (Books,Blogs, and Resources) Mindful Executive or Life Coaching Mindful Activism If one or more of those topics interests you, here’s some quick tips on how to begin to use the resources on this website: Mindfulness Learn about mindfulness and how […]


Book Review: We Were Eight Years in Power

“We were eight years in power,” said South Carolina congressman Thomas Miller in 1895, as white politicians, falsely accusing Reconstruction’s Black leadership of corruption and incompetency, passed new laws that fully restored white supremacy. “We had built schoolhouses, established charitable institutions, built and maintained the penitentiary system, provided for the education of the deaf and […]

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