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Today is Juneteenth. Take some time to reflect on the importance of this date, and what it means to each person who happens to reside in the United States. Like it or not, we have a unique, tragic history that is completely intertwined with the...

Interesting article regarding possible connections between the opioid crisis and workforce participation. It’s vital that we do a better job helping those who suffer to get the emotional and medical support they truly need, for sustainable recovery and resumption of a meaningful life....

Just another egregious example of our nation slouching closer and closer to theocracy: The U.S. Attorney General’s use of a Biblical passage to justify separating immigrant children from their parents. Even Jeff Sessions’ denomination, The United Methodist Church, condemned his behavior. Public policy “proof texting” from...

I just finished reading the autobiography Miles and loved every page. I learned so much about Miles Davis, jazz, the music industry, and the dynamic of being black in America. I find myself with an insatiable thirst to better understand both jazz and the experience...