Book Excerpt: “The Wine Steward’s Lover”

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Book Excerpt: “The Wine Steward’s Lover”

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Kate knocked softly on the plain, white front door after pulling open the exterior screen door, preferring an understated entrance rather than ringing the doorbell. She wondered if her knuckles had audibly registered within the interior of the house, and for an exhilarating moment believed she had time to flee. But then the door opened and Dr. Wright stood there with his half-mysterious, half- goofy grin, thinning but curly grey hair tussled and horn-rimmed glasses sliding down his nose. He wore a black sports coat with a cream-colored shirt and gray slacks.

“Welcome, Kate,” Wright said graciously, gently grasping both of her hands. “I’m glad you showed.” He studied Kate in a manner that heightened her nerves, before moving aside to let her enter the house.

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