When Your Calling is Crystallized

women responding to their calling

When Your Calling is Crystallized


An authentic, sustainable calling does not emerge “overnight.” Soil is tilled across the decades of our lives. Seeds are planted, water is sprinkled, and there are milestone moments when the garden blooms with clarity and purpose.

Here’s a few signs that a powerful calling has taken its hold on you:

  • You think about it constantly
  • You take small and big action steps to bring the calling to fruition
  • You spontaneously talk about it with your significant other, friends, co-workers, and people you meet

The passion of a genuine, sustainable calling burns inside of us, and we could not extinguish its flames with all the fire hydrants in New York City. I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, and an executive coach for many years.

But for most of my life, I’ve also had an urge to influence change in a way that is good for as many people on this planet as possible. I have visceral reactions when I see injustice, exclusion, or downright evil taking place. I’ve tried to express that change-agent urge in many different formats and across multiple careers; and it’s been a common thread despite distinctions in professional fields and roles, despite gradual but steady movement into and out of certain spiritual and political beliefs, despite big changes that have taken place in my family life across the past decade.

And now, at age 50, my holistic calling has crystallized into one word: Inclusion.

Inclusion is at the heart of what I want for myself, for the people I love the most, and for inhabitants of the U.S. and the rest of the world in general. If you keep an eye on my blog entries and social media posts, you’re going to notice an increasing amount of content and information related to how to help ourselves and others unleash more and more possibilities for vibrant living that is full of choices, freedoms, and possibilities.

When I examine important social problems such as affordable housing, gun violence, healthcare coverage, immigration policies, reproductive rights, and voting rights, I notice how people’s opinions on these specific problems tend to veer toward inclusion or exclusion (whether they realize it or not). For example, the lack of affordable housing and healthcare coverage hinders people from fully participating in our capitalist economy; that’s a form of exclusion. Gun proliferation has led to more frequent mass shootings, which excludes people or their loved ones from something pretty important: staying alive.

But while inclusion is my overall calling and I write about many issues, I have a specific, laser-focus on inclusion for women.

It’s not just because I’m a husband to an amazing professional woman or father to three wonderful teenage girls. That’s a big part of what drives me. But I’m also driven to do whatever I can to help women in general smash glass ceilings, have a voice at the table, lead from every chair, enjoy full rights for their own bodies, and be safe from harassment and violence. And so, if you connect with me and my work on a regular basis, you’ll see a strong emphasis on supporting women–and, in particular, helping men to be more aware, intentional, and proactive regarding the urgent need to be allies to the women in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

If our callings have some common threads, let’s connect and help each other thrive.

If my calling isn’t for you, that’s okay too. But I do hope that you’ve discovered, or are in the process of identifying, your own calling for this season of life. There’s few things more exciting than feeling those inner flames and taking action.