Career Happiness

Career Happiness

I help others (beginning with myself) to grow happier in their careers by getting more clarity. I get the greatest satisfaction in life when I help others—anyone, family, friend, colleague, or “random stranger”—to suffer less and grow happier.

Deep inside, beyond all exterior words, actions, and career decisions, each of us has a powerful desire to be happy. Period. And the type of work we do, since it takes up the majority of our days, is crucial to this happiness.

When all is said and done, I’m optimized when there’s full congruence between my work (whether it’s teaching, coaching, facilitating, consulting, strategizing, writing, etc.) and who I am as a person. Conversely, I notice higher levels of stress and fuzzier thinking when my work and values seem misaligned.

I hope that each of you keeps striving for that congruence and for your own ongoing brand clarity, in a manner that makes sense to you. Congruence and clarity will be increasingly important to each of us as change, complexity, and disruption accelerate across the global economy.

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