GOP Senators to Defeat in 2020

GOP Senators to defeat in 2020

GOP Senators to Defeat in 2020


The GOP U. S. Senate majority has done some unforgivable things during the past four years. A few highlights (far from an exhaustive list):

  • Preventing President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from even coming to a vote, and then passionately ramming President Trump’s SCOTUS nominees (including abortion opponent and accused sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh) through the process, along with a host of other conservative judges who will be in power for years
  • Trying to scrap Obamacare
  • Passing tax reform that did little for most taxpayers
  • Consistently being bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association (NRA)

Democrats need to win the Senate (and, of course, the WH) and keep the House in November 2020, in order to begin the long process of undoing the GOP Era damage and rebuild safeguards and full freedoms for all Americans. The GOP’s current Senate majority is 53-47. Thankfully, 22 Republicans up for reelection in 2020; but since most of these are from states that Trump won in 2016, it’s going to take an exceptional surge in Democratic voter registration and voter turnout to defeat them. Here’s a few names that standout from the crowd of 22:

  • Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader and unconscionable hypocrite
  • Marco Rubio, Florida, a state that needs more blue
  • Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, certified coward
  • Susan Collins, Maine, caved in on Kavanaugh and other key votes
  • Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, a state that desperately needs more blue
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi, the racist who just narrowly won a special election and has to run again in two years

Some action steps you can take to increase the odds of these incumbents enjoying their retirement years:

  • In your state, help to register as many Democrats as possible and fight any local or state policies that unfairly restrict voting access
  • Follow social media accounts of media outlets from these states, so you can keep tabs on which Democrats are lining up to oppose the GOP incumbents
  • Share and repost social media updates from these Democratic challengers—and do it often
  • If you are able to do so, send financial support to these challengers

What else can we do to win back the Senate? Contact me here with your ideas.

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