Loving-Kindness at Starbucks

I’m at a Starbucks, thinking about loving-kindness. My Saturday began early, journaling about loving-kindness while my youngest daughter, Olivia, got ready for us to drive to her high school. There, Olivia and the other freshmen are cheering on people of all ages with disabilities as they participate in the Achilles Nashville 6th Annual Hope and […]


Mindfulness, Learning Agility, Storytelling: Interrelationships

As you grow mindfulness, learning agility, and storytelling habits into strengths, all three will increasingly interrelate and optimize one another. Here’s how.   Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more fully aware of, and focused on, what’s taking place within and around you. It’s concentration on steroids. Mindfulness habits create a present-moment mindset of curiosity […]


The Enneagram: A Map for Clarity

Sometimes my life feels like it’s divided into various halves. There’s life before my father died, and life after my father died. Another perspective is my life before I became a dad myself, and my life ever since. And yet another angle is life before I dove deeply into the Enneagram, and life ever since. […]


Input Overload

One of my top strengths is also one of my core weaknesses. I’ll elaborate in a moment, but consider whether this statement is generally true for you as well, whatever your strengths happen to be. The personal strength I’m referring to is labeled as “Input” by the popular CliftonStrengths assessment, but I was cultivating this […]


Learning the Enneagram

During the past few months I’ve devoured several books on the Enneagram, an ancient spiritual road map that helps a person grow lighter and gain clarity once they’ve owned their lingering darkness and confusion. As I’ve read, I’ve captured dozens of pages of insights in my journals, often diagramming how the different Enneagram concepts tie […]

maui sunset

Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths

Our habits of thinking and acting like we are permanent, distinct selves, cause us to be ignorant or unaware of our true nature. And, therefore, we suffer because we crave, avoid, and have aversions.  The Buddha recognized these realities and taught the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path as a practice to help […]


Buddhism: Lived Out Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation is not only the seventh path of the Noble Eight-fold Path, but is the core energy that puts the Buddha’s teaching into action. It involves deliberate efforts to become more fully present to what’s happening right now, through: Pausing (before we have a negative reaction to what’s going on around us or within us) […]

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