My Bucket List

My Bucket List

Recently, while on a flight from Nashville to Seattle I jotted down my first “bucket list,” at first through stream-of-consciousness and then refined and narrowed it to the best of the best before texting it to a few close loved ones.

I want to get and stay happily married, and have a great relationship with my daughters. In addition, I’d like to write more and better books, preferably one per year, fueled by ongoing observation, reading, and learning.

There’s many places I’d still like to visit. In the U.S., Hawaii, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Maine, and Vermont top the list and, just north of the border, Toronto and Montreal intrigue me. Abroad, I’d love to return to France and see much more of that amazing country, and am eager to visit Italy, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Ecuador, South Africa, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Israel.

At some point, when my children are grown, I would like to once again live near the ocean as I did when I was a young boy and spent countless hours treading water and body surfing while thinking of story ideas. I’d also like to learn French, achieve the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential through the International Coach Federation, and finally improve my handwriting, which has been rather lousy my entire life.

Do you have a bucket list of your own? I’d be curious to know, as I’m fascinated by people’s aspirations and passions. Thanks for reading this.