How to Use This Site

John Michael DeMarco, Writer and Executive Coach,, on how to navigate this blog

How to Use This Site

This site is a resource center offering tips, tools, and encouragement to liberal, open-minded men who, through their own personal and professional development, want to be stronger advocates for women but are unsure of where and how to start or are worried about making mistakes. 

If you’re a man who matches this description, please engage the resources here and take action. If you’re a woman who wants additional tools and encouragement for fighting our patriarchal culture, I welcome you as well and hope I can be of benefit.

My aim here isn’t to load you down or distract you with more information for you to sift through; there’s plenty of that coming at you already. Rather, I’m here to help you quickly focus on the most critical information and resources available in the fight for women’s equality, so you can craft a workable, sustainable strategy that makes sense for you…and take action.

To that end, the topics I write and coach about fall within two main buckets:

  1. Insights and updates regarding diversity, equality, and inclusion; the entrenched aspects of our patriarchal culture such as bias, intersectionality, harassment, sexism, and violence; and urgent political developments such as legislation restricting reproductive rights and the politicians who support it.
  2. Tools and practices you can apply toward becoming not just a strong advocate but a critically thinking, constantly learning, mature, successful professional who can thrive in our volatile global economy while helping others to do the same.


Why am I doing this?

In 2017, while listening to a male executive explain why he was a vocal advocate for professional women, I realized I could be a lot more deliberate and proactive toward supporting women’s career possibilities and success. And since that moment, I’ve been heavily involved in those types of efforts while steadily learning more about my own biases and the responsibility I have, as a white male of privilege, to help women get a seat and a voice at the table.

However, my calling is to not just support women through my individual efforts but heavily invest in other men to help them do the same, through leveraging my strengths in writing (more than 25 years of experience) and executive coaching (nearly 15 years of experience). Together, as liberal, open-minded men committed to our own growth, we can work alongside women to help craft a more equitable and just society.

Here’s four steps for getting started with what I offer on this site:

  1. Visit my homepage to see my short bio, descriptions of books I’ve written and links to sample or purchase them, and icons for my social media accounts such as Twitter  and YouTube
  2. Go to my main blog page, note the categories I write about, and start with the post Being a Mindful Ally to Women: 13 Core Actions
  3. From there, take another glance at the list of blog categories, and start with one that interests you the most. If it’s convenient for you, you can also subscribe to my blog here.
  4. Contact me to learn more about my executive coaching services and how they can help you achieve and exceed your professional goals. Here’s another blog post, 6 Strengths You Need for Long-Term Career Growth, that you’ll find interesting.


A final note. I’ll admit that my writing and professional services as an executive coach are not for everybody. If you’ve arrived here and decide that you need something different, that’s okay. There are countless resources out there that will likely be relevant to your own personal or professional needs, worldviews, or political opinions.

Be well,