We’re All Going to Die. However…

We're all going to die, but we have the opportunity to choose how we'll have left the world in better shape.

We’re All Going to Die. However…

…that’s the only “bad news,” if you must categorize it as such. The “good news” is that, if you’re reading this, you’re still breathing and possess the opportunity to choose how you’d like the world to be better off because you lived.

I recently completed this choosing exercise after devouring this popular book in less than 48 hours, and boiled my desired “legacy” down to two simple statements: First, I’ll have increasingly loved the people closest to me with the best of my ability. Second, I’ll have equipped professionals to live more mindfully so they can make better choices.

After I wrote and refined these statements, I clarified and re-affirmed my values and priorities, ensuring they aligned with how I’d like to leave this world better off than before I arrived. I ensured my calendar and “to do” lists mirrored these values and priorities. And I even jotted down the items that I’m practicing spending less time and energy worrying or stressing about.

Give yourself the gift of completing this exercise.

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