I’m a husband, dad of daughters, writer, certified executive coach, feminist, and ally, helping well-read, liberal men become stronger allies to women in their families, at work, and in society.  


I do this by writing books, blogs, and social media posts that entertain, inform, and motivate, and through posing coaching questions that provoke fresh insights and purposeful action.  For a little more context, please read this short blog post.


Ready to connect and be stronger allies together? Please take a glance at my writing and contact me here. Thank you. 

The 4 Spheres of Intentional Living

Today’s busy professional is distracted and stressed out, with goals often being unmet and personal needs and relationships taking a back seat. In this quick read, John offers tips to help you become more healthy, innovative, mindful, self-aware, strategic, and compassionate. Filled with examples and perspectives from various thought leaders, The 4 Spheres is relevant for anyone committed to growth and seeking to live a more meaningful life.


In this suspenseful, page-turning thriller, three suburban mothers take their wine-filled, literary discussions on a girls’ beach trip. And mysteriously vanish. The husbands and fathers remain behind, balancing their personal ambitions and failures with trying to help their bewildered children move forward into a new normal. Detectives seek evidence of a crime, and ambiguity reigns as lines blur between friends, lovers, and enemies.


Three Nashville-based novellas explore the perspectives, strengths, and flaws of creative people seeking meaning and fulfillment in a volatile world of responsibilities and distractions. Spend a day in the life of advertising executive Jacob, a semester with new graduate student and budding poet Kate, and a weekend with single father and writer Brian as they tap into latent resilience and discover deeper capacities to love.