2020 Election: An America That Works for Everyone

2020 Election: An America That Works for Everyone

I don’t know whom I’m voting for in the 2020 general presidential election, but it won’t be Trump. His actions, viewpoints, and overall character are antithetical to what I value.

But simply “ousting Trump” isn’t enough, as my close friend, Nashville attorney Michael Rivas, points out. Neither is trying to simply “re-set” the country to its Obama-era status quo.

Instead, my question is: How will the outcome of the 2020 election give us a better America that works for everyone?

That question will remain central for me when I choose the Democratic challenger in the spring 2020 primary season. And the candidate I choose will have the clearest, most proactive policies on three priorities (the order is deliberate) that, for me, define “better” and “works for everyone.” They are:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Equality
  3. The Economy


Here’s why this order matters to me. Slowing down climate change drives everything else. If ecological collapse continues to accelerate, with deadly weather events, mass dislocation, economic disruption, and unspeakable human suffering, no one—politician, business leader, or “average citizen”—will be able to advance progress in any other domestic or international issue. We will all be in survival mode, clinging to the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid.

When I say equality, I’m thinking of full women’s rights, including unrestricted access to safe abortions. I’m talking about immigrants being treated in humane, just ways. I’m reflecting on changes to our criminal justice system that currently impacts people of color in disproportionate manners. I’m talking about complete elimination of any bias or restrictions toward members of the LGBTQ community or people with disabilities. And more.

Finally, the economy. I, like many people, want ongoing economic growth, opportunities for people to advance their careers and up-skill in the face of technological disruption and earn livable wages, and for my investments to perform well.

But not at the expense of speeding up climate change and exacerbating inequality.

I won’t settle for an economy that continues to be driven by industrial complexes. Because that’s not the kind of economy that makes things better for everyone. I’m doing just fine, but millions aren’t; and I can’t ignore that.

You show me a candidate who can synthesize all three of these priorities and rally people behind them, and lead the shaping of that better America that works for everyone, and I’ll show you my vote.

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