I love to learn and apply my learning through various modes of communication, especially writing. That love and ongoing application have characterized my sense of self and vocation for as long as I can remember.

Personal Mission: Best Person I Can Be. Best Work I Can Offer.

Personal Vision: Decrease suffering and increase happiness.

Personal Values: Loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, equanimity, curiosity, and creativity.

Personal Strategies & Systems: Ongoing, intersecting, daily practices of storytelling, learning, mindfulness, health, and stewardship.

Obstacles With Which I Sometimes Grapple: Shame, anxiety, depression, anger, and imposter syndrome, particularly regarding choices that have hurt others; a lifelong struggle with OCD; experiencing or observing bullying or manipulation; and the urgency to fulfill my potential.

To learn about my professional experience, visit my LinkedIn profile and check out this post.