About John

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I help people experience more meaningful and satisfying lives and careers, through offering:

  1. Content (Books, Blogs, and Resources)
  2. Executive or Life Coaching
  3. Activism and Justice Tools

You can read this post for some quick tips on how to use this website and benefit from it. But since you’re here and your time is valuable, I’ll cut to the chase with a timeless, relevant question: What do you truly want?


I believe that each person alive today craves a fuller awareness and acknowledgement of their inherent dignity. Each longs for more freedom, for more states of flow, to love more and be loved more. Beneath all the daily activity and the constant churning of the mind, we are thirsty for what might overflow our cups with meaning and purpose.

However, these states of meaning do not happen on their own; at least, not consistently or sustainably. They’re realized for each person to the extent than an individual is willing to make an effort to cultivate certain personal attributes.

Three of these attributes are especially relevant for me: resilience, curiosity, and humility.

Resilience, curiosity, and humility work together to remind each of us of our dignity and that of others. They compel us to strive for freedom, to do the most good with the freedom we possess, and to never take it for granted. These three attributes position us to more frequently arrive in states of flow and lose track of time amid the exhilaration of doing something complex and deeply satisfying. Resilience, curiosity, and humility endeavor each of us to love and be loved, to see ourselves reflected in the windows of another’s eyes and open our hearts with spaciousness and tenderness.

Whomever and wherever you are, you want meaning. You want to be happier and suffer less. That shared human aspiration holds true whether you’re an affluent person of privilege, in any country, a person of color who’s suffered a lifetime of injustices, a liberal or a conservative or an independent. You wrestle each day with your own hopes, fears, and aspirations, and live with the outcomes of choices you’ve made across the decades in response to the contexts and situations in which you’ve found yourself.

If life has taught us anything, it’s revealed that nothing is permanent or inevitable. There are still choices to be made. While there’s much we cannot control as individuals, each of us does have some measure of latent ability to strive for our own experience of meaning—to pursue ever-evolving states of dignity, freedom, flow, and love, through making the daily effort to cultivate more resilience, more curiosity, and more humility.

But how?

Mindfulness, Learning Agility, and Storytelling

As I’ve continued to grow and learn, as I’ve thrived and stumbled through various experiences and seasons of life, I’ve noticed that three practices in particular are the most powerful, transformative, and relevant in the face of both possibilities and threats:

Mindfulness: The practice of giving full focus to what’s happening within and around you, without judging yourself or others.

Learning Agility: The practice of placing yourself in new, challenging situations and applying what you learn going forward..

Storytelling: The practice of the art and science of influencing others through various means of communication.

I bring extensive cross-industry experience, education, and credentials to these services I offer–along with gratitude for the privileges I’ve enjoyed and the countless known and unknown persons who have made my success possible.

To inquire about my background and services, sign up for a free exploratory coaching session, or subscribe to free monthly content, please contact me here. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile and check out this post on my career journey.