Preventing Future Pandemics

Most of us are so consumed by trying to deal with the current pandemic that we’re not thinking through how to prevent future, deadlier ones. Such prevention rests up on a dual interplay of strong healthcare processes and a different orientation toward animals. The American healthcare apparatus has proven woefully inadequate to arrest the onslaught […]


We Can and Must Do Better

As COVID-19 rages on and future pandemics lie in wait; as ecosystems collapse, homes and businesses are destroyed, and poverty and disease spread; as surveillance capitalists go unchecked and industrial complexes continue to possess far more power than consumers, the collective impact is a widening inequality leading, unsurprisingly, to increasing social unrest. The 2020 pandemic […]



What do you truly want? Each of us lives in the epicenter of an existential, surreal, and dynamic tension between the forces of tremendous potential for our quality of living, and forces that could extinguish our species and render Earth uninhabitable for most life forms. And regardless of how these forces play out, the one […]


Books I Recommend, Updated Dec. 2020

Books remain indispensable for critical thinking, during an era when information is proliferate but wisdom is scarce.  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer paperback, hardcover, audio, or e-books; books are essential. With the possible exception of travel to new places and cultures, nothing compares to the deep learning and insights you garner–along with significant pleasure–when you plunge […]


The Gaslighting Hall of Fame

And now…some catch phrases, and their true meanings, nominated for the Gaslighting Hall of Fame: “Liberal media” – catch-all grouping for stuck up, intelligent journalists who dare to conduct thorough research, care about human rights, and call people out on their bullshit. “Family values” – Judeo-Christian monotheism and its rightful place as the foundation for […]


The Brilliant Strategy of White Supremacy

Let me see if I understand this correctly… Our nation’s white supremacy complex works tirelessly to oppress and destroy Black Americans through slavery, Jim Crow, “law enforcement,” and mass incarceration/war on drugs, resulting in endless generational cycles of economic, educational, employment, environmental, health, lifespan, trauma, and voting disadvantages…and then labels these same Black Americans as […]


Leadership in the Era of COVID-19

Employees and teams come first. That brief statement captures the heart of numerous online articles I’ve been reading, regarding what kind of organizational leadership is needed for what’s shaping up to be an open-ended era with COVID-19 as our constant companion. Here’s some high level bullet points summarizing the mindsets and actions of leaders in […]

signing online petition

Signing Petitions: Why Bother?

So you’re inundated with requests to sign petitions. Are any of them worth paying attention to? Petitions can serve both practical and symbolic means and outcomes. Their effectiveness is difficult to measure in a vacuum; rather, petitions are most impactful when aligned with other actions. For many individuals, petitions can be an entry point for […]


Communication to Elected Official Regarding COVID-19 Relief (Updated, Oct. 2020)

Feel free to use as much of this drafted communication as you would like, and customize to fit your needs and intended audience. Dear _________, Thank you for your service to our city/county/state/district/country. I’m reaching out to you regarding the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on some of my most vulnerable fellow constituents. Black people are […]

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