Storytelling comes first!

Tonight I had a mind blowing epiphany about storytelling in relation to learning and mindfulness. Those are my “Big 3,” and for years I’ve emphasized mindfulness as the foundation that supports the other two. And tonight, on the way to the kitchen for a snack, I realized that storytelling—consuming and creating stories—was and is the […]


Who I Am Today – No Filter

Personal Mission: Best Person I Can Be. Best Work I Can Offer. Personal Vision: Decrease suffering and increase happiness for myself and others. Personal Values: Loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, sympathetic joy, equanimity, curiosity, and creativity. Personal Strategies & Systems: Ongoing, intersecting, daily practices of mindfulness, health, learning, and vocation. Obstacles With Which I Sometimes Grapple: Shame, […]


Books I Recommend, Updated August 2021

Books remain indispensable for critical thinking, during an era when information is proliferate but wisdom is scarce.  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer paperback, hardcover, audio, or e-books; books are essential. With the possible exception of travel to new places and cultures, nothing compares to the deep learning and insights you garner–along with significant pleasure–when you plunge […]


Have a Process

Having a good process, embedded with effective habits, isn’t everything. But it sure makes most things more consistent, fruitful, and satisfying. Seth Godin’s newest book, The Practice, emphasizes the importance of focusing on process when doing creative work–and obsessing far less on particular outcomes. You can usually control being intentional about a process, but specific […]

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