Communication to Elected Official Regarding Voting Rights (Updated, Sept. 2020)

Feel free to use as much of this drafted communication as you would like, and customize to fit your needs and intended audience. Dear _________, Thank you for your service to our county/state regarding one of the most important privileges we have as Americans: the right to vote. I’m writing to ask that you please […]


Suffering and Liberation

Buddhism is a natural foundation for racial justice activism. In fact, the Buddha was quoted as saying, “I teach only two things: suffering and the end of suffering.” As I continue to learn more about the pervasive racial suffering in the United States, and slowly embrace some crucial, ongoing steps toward its potential end, I’m […]


What Lies Beneath the “6 Ps”

In an earlier post, I wrote about the “6 Ps” that have always and continue to drive racist thoughts, words, and actions in the United States: the Promulgation of Policies that enable the Power, Prosperity, and Prestige of those with white Privilege. Since writing that post, through continued learning, mindfulness practice, and reflection, I’ve honed […]


7 Core Racial Justice Issues

One person can make a sustainable difference; but an individual’s measurable impact is diluted if he, she, or they attempts to focus on more complex problems than they can handle. (For more on this, see my post “Mindful Activism: How to Get Started,” and get and stay organized with my free activism tracker.) While there’s […]


Racial Justice: Education Equity (Updated, Sept. 2020)

Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color continue to experience inequities in access to high-quality education–and these disparities have been exacerbated by COVID-19. According to this recent, well-researched article by McKinsey & Company, the average Black or Hispanic student remains roughly two years behind the average white student, and low-income students continue to be […]


Racial Justice and the “6 Ps”

Question: What is, has, and will always be the intention behind racist attitudes and behaviors? Answer: An agile alliteration of “6 Ps.” They are: the Promulgation of Policies that enable the Power, Prosperity, and Prestige of those with white Privilege. Look and Listen Peel back the layers of some white rhetoric, unpacking phrases such as […]


Non-Profits I Currently Support (Updated, Sept. 2020)

Fighting injustice comes with a cost, which could involve time, money, resources, and even relationships. I’ve researched, and continue to research, non-profits that are doing excellent work toward influencing policies within specific areas I care about. Contributing time and money to effective non-profits is one of five ongoing action steps for driving policy change on […]

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