Blowing Bubbles

A few days ago my four-year-old, Olivia, and I had some free time to play outside. Someone at work had given me a giant “bubble wand,” and Olivia had set her little brown eyes upon it. I unwrapped it and we brought it into our driveway, and proceeded to take turns holding it up to […]

Strategic Living

Across this year I have spent a significant amount of time helping leaders in the arena of strategic planning. There’s a very simple process that has been at the centerpiece of my consulting. The more time I spend with these components, the more I also see their applicability to our personal goals. The first step […]

Vapor Streams

I just returned from an invigorating run/walk on a lovely Saturday morning, a happy mixture of music on my iPod and an intentional effort to simply be present to what is characterizing my demeanor.During the final leg of my exercise, I happened to look up and see a thick vapor stream in the sky, the […]

In Scorn of Excess

Everywhere I look this week, I see too much. Highways teeming with billboards advertising endless restaurant chains at best, and houses of ill repute at worst. Houses loaded with trinkets and furniture cluttering up every single inch of space. Kitchen pantries and restaurants full of junky, sugary snacks and processed foods. Ahhhhh. Stop the insanity. […]

The Wonder of This Moment

I am having a weird thought while writing a chapter for a book, sitting at my usual Panera Bread in the Cool Springs district of Franklin, Tenn.Perhaps it is not so much a thought but an enhanced awareness: of my position at the table with my laptop, half-listening to classical music while tapping away and […]

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