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Why Coaching? (And Why “Mindful” Coaching?)

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I’ve been coaching business leaders, solo practitioners, and individuals from all walks of life for 15 years. An extensive portion of these clients have been in the wireless […]

Helping Others to Thrive

One of my core values is being kind and loving to people first and foremost, before any other agenda. When I’m at my best (and not saddled by some kind of fear, which may very well be the poisonous root at the bottom of every negative emotion), I am in a mindset of trying to […]

Goals for Your Roles

As I continue this series on “Doing What Matters the Most,” let’s explore how to create meaningful and achievable goals within the various roles that we play in each season of life. Think of a high-level goal for a specific role as a “mission or vision statement” for that role. If you’ve been professionally involved […]

Staying Relevant as a GenXer

This topic is frequently on my mind, especially as I inch closer and closer to a certain big birthday. Here’s what I’ve observed to be helpful, both in the actions and activities of others I know as well as my own–and this applies to every generation, not just Xers: 1. Do your professional work extremely […]


Got Savvy?

  Savvy           Do you have “organizational savvy?” Organizations are composed of people; people have emotions, and therefore do not always behave in a rational, altruistic, or predictable manner. Change is a constant at most companies and industries, and change impacts emotions. A large organization will always have some competing advantages […]

Coaching a World-Class "Athlete"

The Olympics have captivated the world’s stage for the past couple of weeks. Aside from the politics or cultural tensions that often emerge in the midst of these games, they still offer the best of the human spirit and work ethic on display. These athletes are simply in a class of their own, and are […]

Visualize Your Success!

There is significant value in creating a simple visual to accompany your one-page, written strategic plan that consolidates your personal and professional goals into a holistic snapshot (and yes, a one page limit is a must for likelihood of execution!). Here’s a simple way to accomplish this. First, fine-tune your one-page written plan. Ensure that […]

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