Gratitude for the Brain

In their book Brain Power, Michael Gelb and Kelly Howell explore the brain’s amazing potential to grow stronger and more complex as we age, which flies in the face of conventional wisdom. This user-friendly dive into neuroscience includes the following documented assertion: “…People who count their blessings rather than their burdens are more adaptive, are more optimistic, […]

Coaching a World-Class "Athlete"

The Olympics have captivated the world’s stage for the past couple of weeks. Aside from the politics or cultural tensions that often emerge in the midst of these games, they still offer the best of the human spirit and work ethic on display. These athletes are simply in a class of their own, and are […]

Visualize Your Success!

There is significant value in creating a simple visual to accompany your one-page, written strategic plan that consolidates your personal and professional goals into a holistic snapshot (and yes, a one page limit is a must for likelihood of execution!). Here’s a simple way to accomplish this. First, fine-tune your one-page written plan. Ensure that […]

How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Coaching

As an executive coach and independent author, I’ve spent years thinking through goals, strategies and tactics related to growing my businesses. Furthermore, all of my professional roles of the past 20-something years have required think I “think like an entrepreneur” in order to make things happen. As a result, I have a genuine admiration and […]

Maslow, Life Coach

Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is a great life coaching tool, to apply both to yourself and others. This very well-known model has become popularized in business and education since the late psychologist rolled it out around the middle of the 20th Century. Constructed as a pyramid, it depicts a gradual transcending of key needs, […]

Learn to Keep S.C.O.R.E.

A few years back I created a simple, one-page coaching tool for helping people to be more intentional in their professional development. It’s simply called S.C.O.R.E., and here’s the meaning behind the acronym: S = Self-Awareness CO = Competencies RE = Relationships So what does it mean and why does “keeping S.C.O.R.E. matter? Self-Awareness. Who […]

Word Power for Coaches

The best leaders and managers are, at the heart of it all, coaches. Words are a coach’s most potent tool; but far too often, they are misused or underutilized. The following are some questions and phrases that I’ve observed to be impactful, clustered under three categories that people who lead or manage others experience every […]

"I'd Hoped It Would Be You"

Leaders and managers often struggle with having very direct conversations with their employees while maintaining a courteous demeanor. Management consultant Fred Lee provides some helpful verbal tools:  First, for a new employee or tenured person not performing up to standards: “(I need a person in your position who (fill in the blank, depending on the […]