I’ve always had a bias for action. I prototype rapidly and launch an MVP. Then iterate. And improve.

Because nothing is ever truly finished. Just, hopefully, a little better than the day before.

Sometime I nail it. Sometimes I break things. Sometimes I provoke clarity. Sometimes I generate confusion.

I scaled my former side hustle into a full-time business a few months ago. I’ve been building the airplane while it’s flying, evolving content amid a relentless pursuit of a clear value proposition for a focused target audience.

It’s been a journey. Scale, content, and clarity don’t happen overnight.

I jumped into the business operator game as fast as possible. It’s important to me to get into the game, even if I’m still sorting things out. It’s an experiment and it’s real-time service to clients, simultaneous and symbiotic.

Get into the game if you’ve been contemplating it but aren’t sure if you’re ready. You’re never fully ready (I wasn’t) and it’s not possible to know how things will play out (I don’t).

The most important thing is to keep playing and get a little better each day.

You’ve got this.

Stay relevant in an age of disruption, by elevating your “soft skills”

Not a “techie?” Neither am I…and I’ve learned how to thrive, and help others succeed, in a technology-dominated work environment.

Across just under 20 years I’ve coached hundreds of professionals from a wide diversity of demographics, many of whom were promoted to next-level roles while growing cross-functional skills.

In my work with clients, I offer:

  1. Coaching sessions that provoke clarity, insights, and next steps.
  2. Content tools that keep you growing in between coaching sessions.

I specialize in three types of coaching…

  1. Executive Coaching: Equipping executives (directors and above) to more effectively manage people, teams, and organizations.
  2. Leader Development Coaching: Equipping people managers or high-potential individual contributors to develop their leadership skills and capabilities.
  3. 360° Feedback Coaching: Equipping 360° feedback recipients to understand, prioritize, and act upon feedback from a cross-section of colleagues.

…and four types of content tools:

  1. Articles
  2. Books
  3. Infographics
  4. Videos

I serve clients in my home base of Nashville, Tennessee…and anywhere else with an internet connection!

Contacting me

You can learn more about my coaching services and content tools at my website and contact me in one of three ways:

  1. Schedule a free consultation
  2. Send an email
  3. Connect on LinkedIn