Helping Others to Thrive

Helping Others to Thrive

One of my core values is being kind and loving to people first and foremost, before any other agenda. When I’m at my best (and not saddled by some kind of fear, which may very well be the poisonous root at the bottom of every negative emotion), I am in a mindset of trying to help others to thrive.

Helping people to thrive can present itself in the simplest of manners. It’s nodding or saying hello to someone when you pass them on the street or in the hallway at work, that simple acknowledgment that the other persons exists and, because they exist, has value. It’s letting someone pull out in front of you in traffic, even if you don’t feel like it, because that small act of kindness helps that person to get where they need to be and reminds them–even if they don’t process it at the moment–that altruism can still exist in this world.

The thriving mentality is particularly crucial in that incubator of human relationships and productivity known as the workplace. What does it look like? Reaching out to a co-worker who is struggling, paying attention to what they’re going through, and then offering a few solutions that might help them turn the corner. Restraining from gossiping about someone else, and perhaps even confronting the gossipers in a kind but direct manner. Going beyond a customer’s expectations when helping them, and being excited about the reality that you did something to make their day easier and allow them to shift energy into other areas that matter the most to them.

Nothing pumps me up more than when I recognize that I’ve helped someone, and that because of my support they’re that much close to achieving a goal. I don’t care what the goal is; what’s most relevant is that the goal is important to them.

And it’s interesting how the more I practice the thriving mindset, the more people tend to help me thrive as well.