As you grow mindfulness, learning agility, and storytelling habits into strengths, all three will increasingly interrelate and optimize one another. Here’s how.
Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more fully aware of and attentive to, without judgement, what’s taking place within and around you. It’s focus and concentration on steroids. Mindfulness habits cultivate a curious, present-moment mindset.
Learning Agility is seeking new experiences, applying feedback, and reflecting on lessons learned. Mindfulness-produced curiosity without judgment fuels the desire to keep stretching ourselves, which shows up in learning actions.
Storytelling is the art and science of influencing others through skillful communication and personal brand; not just telling great stories, but being a great story. Non-judgmental curiosity, activated through constant learning and adjusting, provides an endless stream of fresh content for both the stories we tell and who we are becoming.
The more we discover powerful stories and the more we fine-tune our own storytelling, the hungrier we are to learn and grow. The hungrier we are to learn and grow, the more present we want to be so we don’t miss out on any of the wonders that are unfolding before us.
Mindfulness empowers learning agility, which empowers storytelling. Storytelling enhances learning agility, which enhances mindfulness. And it’s not hard to see how mindfulness and storytelling directly strengthen one another as well: the best stories are told when the teller and the listener are both fully present.   
One strength contains the other two strengths. We can set aside energy to develop specific components of each strength, and in doing so we strengthen the other ones.
This is good news. This is living into possibilities, and cultivating the optimism to respond to disruption rather than simply react to it.
John M. DeMarco is a writer, executive coach, and activist based in Nashville, Tennessee.