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  2. Mindful Executive or Life Coaching
  3. Mindful Activism

If one or more of these three areas of service interests you, here’s some quick tips on how to get started and use the resources on this website:

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Get Started With Mindful Activism

  • Discover how to start practicing mindful activism in an intentional, organized manner, and download a free tracker that can help you make a significant impact
  • Learn about the realities and responsibilities of white privilege
  • Read about how to embrace and practice non-violence while fighting injustices
  • Explore the “6 Ps” (and their roots) that have historically driven much of the racist thinking, rhetoric, and behavior that still permeate American culture
  • Learn about seven core racial justice issues impacting Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color, and how you can get involved in advocating for specific solutions
  • Use these Activism Communications Templates to help you quickly and confidently communicate with elected and appointed officials, social media followers, friends, family, and skeptics or opponents, regarding the seven aforementioned core racial justice issues
  • Explore some petitions worth signing
  • Check out some non-profits I currently support that are successfully addressing numerous racial justice challenges

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John M. DeMarco is a writer, executive coach, and activist based in Nashville, Tennessee.