We need to talk. Really talk. With, not at, each other.

Articles like this aren’t dystopian dramas on Hulu. They’re not SNL skits.

Rather, they’re real-time evidence that, nearly 80 years after D-Day, tables are being turned upon our heads with a vengeance, fascism storming our own shores, establishing brutal beachheads against meager resistance.

My WWII veteran father must be rolling in his grave.

These real stories about real women continue to proliferate as the legalized war against the health, freedom, and agency of ALL American women (as well as against the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC Americans, freedom of speech, freedom of religion or lack thereof, voting rights, etc.) heads into 2024.

Are any of you as terrified as I am?

Am I overreacting?

God, I hope so.

Let’s take a beat and be reasonable…

If, like me, you don’t belong to any “underrepresented groups,” do you really think that some valued aspect of your own freedom (whether to read, study, speak, post, use the internet, pray, be agnostic, etc) won’t eventually be at risk?

Do you truly believe that no one you love will suffer at some point in the future because of all these newer laws and court decisions?

And that it definitely won’t be too late for you to save them?

Humor me, please.

Where is the widespread outrage?

Why isn’t every “good person” of every background and every political party posting more about this and fighting back?

Are we truly that distracted, complacent, and delusional?

Do we actually still believe, in the midst of our daily doom scrolling, that we’re somehow “special” and “immune” from the consequences of these policies?

Are we so spoiled by only knowing democracy that we can’t grasp the possibility of it slipping away?

Do we really value our discomfort and fear of “discussing politics” more than our loved ones’ present and potential sufferings, more than our children’s and grandchildren’s futures?

We don’t like to talk about politics.

We’ve tried at times, and often got offended or offended someone else.

So we usually avoid it. We don’t think it’s worth it.

Are we sure about that?

Electoral politics lead to adopted policies. Policies have consequences; some that help millions of Americans and some that discriminate and threaten even more millions.

Policy-enabled consequences are always “on.” They can never be compartmentalized from daily life and work and church and holiday gatherings.


The time to discuss politics is always now.

The place to discuss politics is always here.

We have to have these conversations. There’s too much at stake.

And, with a little moral courage, humility, and practice, I think these discussions can actually mature from being shouting matches and bloom as respectful dialogue and listening.

But first we have to collectively agree that democracy, as imperfect as it’s been in America, is still worth saving.

It is, right?

Otherwise, we’ll just carry on and…hope for the best?

But look at this beautiful woman’s face.

Read her story.

Do you think she has that option?

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