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Learning Agility: What it is, Why it Matters

Learning agility, a core career and life skill, is the practice of regularly seeking new experiences, applying feedback, and reflecting on lessons learned, to keep growing professionally and personally. “Learning How to Learn” Learning agility, in a  nutshell, “learning how to learn.” George Hallenbeck of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) defines four key components […]


Who I Am Today – No Filter

Personal Mission: Best Person I Can Be. Best Work I Can Offer. Personal Vision: Decrease suffering and increase happiness for myself and others. Personal Values: Loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, sympathetic joy, equanimity, curiosity, and creativity. Personal Strategies & Systems: Ongoing, intersecting, daily practices of mindfulness, health, learning, and vocation. Obstacles With Which I Sometimes Grapple: Shame, […]


Mindfulness, Learning, Storytelling: Interrelationships

As I’ve continued to grow and learn, as I’ve thrived and stumbled through various experiences and seasons of life, I’ve noticed that three practices in particular are the most powerful, transformative, and relevant for meaningful living and careers, in the face of both possibilities and threats.  Mindfulness is the practice of giving full attention to […]

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Learning Agility: Follow Your Curiosity

By Alexandra DeMarco, Guest Writer In many modern societies, learning is often displayed as a social construct. We are required to attend school, complete homework and prepare for our academic futures. Although there are benefits to required learning, learning in and of itself derives from our innate desire to understand the world around us, and […]

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Learning Agility Milestones: You’re Never Fully “Ready”

I define Learning Agility as the practice of regularly seeking new experiences, applying feedback, and reflecting on lessons learned, to keep growing professionally and personally. I’ve been fortunate enough to successfully embrace learning agility during critical moments of my career, facilitated by numerous privileges I’ve enjoyed, and the countless known and unknown persons who have made […]

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Learning Agility: Taking a Risk

“Baris, you’ve got to be less sedentary,” Dr. Morgan, his general physician, told him during yet another disappointing annual physical and blood work review. “Get some movement going. Walk. Run. Swim. Play tennis. Anything.” The 55-year-old clinical psychologist and native of Turkey looked at Dr. Morgan and nodded, and then sighed in exasperation. “I know, […]


Plan to Fail?

Thinking about what could go wrong is just as important–and perhaps even more so–as thinking about what could go right. Catori, 45, a Native-American freelance writer, has been brainstorming about how she can build multiple writing revenue streams while developing her “authentic voice” and sense of belonging in the local community. She moved to the […]


Learning Agility and Change Leadership

“How am I supposed to ‘sell’ my team on AI if I don’t even fully understand it yet?” Arjun had asked himself this question in his mind–several times, in fact–but this was the first opportunity he’d taken to share it out loud with someone else. Elizabeth, a 71-year-old retired high school teacher, waited to see […]

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