Slouching Toward Theocracy

Just another egregious example of our nation slouching closer and closer to theocracy: The U.S. Attorney General’s use of a Biblical passage to justify separating immigrant children from their parents. Even Jeff Sessions’ denomination, The United Methodist Church, condemned his behavior. Public policy “proof texting” from any sacred scroll should scare us all. Despite popular […]

Coaching to Vocation

One of my core values is striving to coach and equip people in a way that helps them to thrive, reaching and exceeding their personal and professional goals and discovering new ones along the way. I spend most of my time at work coaching people 1×1, and there’s nothing I love doing more as a […]

The First Three Hours

These days, I’m practicing making the “first three hours” of each day all about my own health, personal growth, creativity, and learning. If you don’t prioritize time and space for such endeavors (and the specific chunk of the day when you do them will vary for each individual), you’ll only get to them sporadically because […]

My Bucket List

Recently, while on a flight from Nashville to Seattle I jotted down my first “bucket list,” at first through stream-of-consciousness and then refined and narrowed it to the best of the best before texting it to a few close loved ones. I want to get and stay happily married, and have a great relationship with […]

Embrace Complexity of Thought

The late Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for saying, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Fitzgerald is far from the only famous voice to speak to this observation. Those who’ve demonstrated […]

Your Calendar Reveals Your Priorities

The next crucial step to executing “what matters the most” is protecting the most valuable activities on your calendar. Good intentions and thinking through potential challenges and outcomes are just what gets you to the starting gate. Execution and the capacity to win the race happen with consistency and excellence, when core behaviors are scheduled […]

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