We're All Entrepreneurs Now

The title of this blog was lodged in my mind before any particular content. It emerged from an impression more than any sort of journalistic research endeavor. Perhaps it is the afterglow of an enjoyable Thursday night with a large Nashville-based group of executive and life coaches, a symphony of possibilities, creativity and genuine caring […]

Receptive Soil

Some seed fell upon rocky soil. A whole bunch, actually. A couple of weeks ago I haphazardly spread some shady lawn seed across several large patches in my front yard where shrubbery once stood. The shrubbery was the casualty of my new axe. The mission for this summer is to grow some grass. However, I […]

A-Rod, Freaks and Heroes

Naturally, with the A-Rod steroid revelation and confession, there is the familiar mantra of “we don’t have any more heroes” echoing across the media landscape. It sounds rather hackneyed, not just because it is not true but because our tunnel vision through which we look for these ostensible “heroes” has not been enlarged very much […]

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