In Defense of Myth

I can no longer remain silent about how people everywhere in western culture continue to misuse the word “myth,” equating it with terms such as “lie,” “rumor,” “falsehood” or “legend.” Who cares? Well, park here with me for a moment. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “myth” as “a traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural […]

"I Hope He Fails"

“I HOPE HE FAILS.” That was all the verbiage offered on the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. I tried to discern other stickers, symbols or hints the vehicle might present, but was unsuccessful. I was left to interpret these four words in a vacuum, limited to my intuition and unscientific conclusions. […]

The Song

Birds are chirping as I sit in my home office, staring at the Blogger template. It is quite early, just past 5:30 a.m. CST. This same family of birds begins to sing, discuss, pontificate, elaborate, etc., about 4:30-ish on most mornings. Often I hear them quite well, which all but eradicates the need for an […]

Only Kindness Matters

I wrote this while sitting in the massive fortress known as Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, although I did not post until much later because I refuse to pay for Internet service at airports, Starbucks or anywhere else besides hotels and my home. As I sit here people watching, reminiscing about the dark chocolate I just finished […]

Redemption and "The Reader"

The film The Reader was a compelling selection for two people who love literature and are intrigued by World War II-era story lines, so it won out last night over several other worthy releases on a rare trip out to the cinema. Just as expected, the work's powerful themes of guilt, redemption and misplaced loved […]

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