"I Hope He Fails"

“I HOPE HE FAILS.” That was all the verbiage offered on the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. I tried to discern other stickers, symbols or hints the vehicle might present, but was unsuccessful. I was left to interpret these four words in a vacuum, limited to my intuition and unscientific conclusions. […]

The Song

Birds are chirping as I sit in my home office, staring at the Blogger template. It is quite early, just past 5:30 a.m. CST. This same family of birds begins to sing, discuss, pontificate, elaborate, etc., about 4:30-ish on most mornings. Often I hear them quite well, which all but eradicates the need for an […]

Only Kindness Matters

I wrote this while sitting in the massive fortress known as Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, although I did not post until much later because I refuse to pay for Internet service at airports, Starbucks or anywhere else besides hotels and my home. As I sit here people watching, reminiscing about the dark chocolate I just finished […]

Redemption and "The Reader"

The film The Reader was a compelling selection for two people who love literature and are intrigued by World War II-era story lines, so it won out last night over several other worthy releases on a rare trip out to the cinema. Just as expected, the work's powerful themes of guilt, redemption and misplaced loved […]

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