Storytelling comes first!

Tonight I had a mind blowing epiphany about storytelling in relation to learning and mindfulness. Those are my “Big 3,” and for years I’ve emphasized mindfulness as the foundation that supports the other two. And tonight, on the way to the kitchen for a snack, I realized that storytelling—consuming and creating stories—was and is the […]


Who I Am Today – No Filter

Personal Mission: Best Person I Can Be. Best Work I Can Offer. Personal Vision: Decrease suffering and increase happiness for myself and others. Personal Values: Loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, sympathetic joy, equanimity, curiosity, and creativity. Personal Strategies & Systems: Ongoing, intersecting, daily practices of mindfulness, health, learning, and vocation. Obstacles With Which I Sometimes Grapple: Shame, […]


Mindfulness, Learning, Storytelling: Interrelationships

As I’ve continued to grow and learn, as I’ve thrived and stumbled through various experiences and seasons of life, I’ve noticed that three practices in particular are the most powerful, transformative, and relevant for meaningful living and careers, in the face of both possibilities and threats.  Mindfulness is the practice of giving full attention to […]

nong-vang-full length mirror reflecting the ocean

Storytelling Night: Brand Matters

“It was a full 10 seconds before I realized how loud I’d been talking, and that everyone within 50 yards was staring at me,” Baris, 55, said into the microphone, looking sheepishly at the gathering of familiar faces in the cafe–including Liliana, a 28-year-old brand strategist, who was nodding her head while laughing. It was […]


Storytelling and Real Pain Points

“Mrs. Carlson is a good person,” Zhang Li said as the 41-year-old attorney stood before the judge. “She’s taking responsibility for her own healing. And having quality time with her children is part of that healing process.” The Hon. Maria Santos, in her late 50s with cropped, silver hair, studied Zhang Li for a moment […]

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