Don’t Grovel

Here’s some unsolicited advice for you: Don’t grovel. You’re better than that. Groveling is not the story you want to tell about yourself. Wondering if you’re groveling or on the verge of groveling? Take note of your thought stream. Are you actively or mentally preparing yourself to practically beg people to like you, listen to […]

This is Marketing

Marketing: It’s Everybody’s Job

A marketing department is a team of professionals educated and experienced in fields such as marketing, public relations, advertising, and mass communications. In the most effective organizations, this team serves as a strategic business partner to top executives and operational managers. Marketing itself, however, is everyone’s job. Here’s five reasons why: If you’re alive, it […]

Paul Simon and the Music of the World

Last night’s Paul Simon concert in Nashville was one of the best I’ve ever attended. And it wasn’t just Simon’s beautiful singing, surprising energy, and creative approaches to tunes long-familiar and recent. Even more so, it was the amazing band that Simon generously allowed to shine throughout the two-hour event. Simon’s impressive blend of talent […]

Of Writing and Curiosity

One of my core values is writing prose that echoes what human beings experience. One particular mindset that is absolutely essential to such an effort is curiosity. We have much to learn from our pets, who are constantly exemplifying curiosity to us–sometimes to a fault, especially when it comes to dogs and table food or […]

What Are You Reading?

Another one of my core values is learning as much as I can across disciplines, cultures, and geographies. And one of the chief ways I do that is through reading. I’ve read hundreds of books across my lifetime, spanning fiction and non-fiction, and have given away hundreds of these same books during seasons of de-cluttering […]

Pythia Aegeus Themis Delphi[1]

Delphi Needs an Oracle

An excerpt from the upcoming Amazon Kindle novel The Book Club Widowers featuring Delphi Adams, one of the book club women left behind while her friends vanished during a weekend girls’ trip…and a woman who seems to have something to hide: Delphi said goodbye to her final customer of the day, and locked the front […]

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