Strength Leads to Strength

I’m convinced that the greatest fruit of finding success in doing something you love is the chance of doing more of it. Sometimes the fruit of success includes wealth, fame, quality relationships and so forth, and these are icing on the cake, temporary pleasures found in seasons of abundance. For a big chunk of my […]

Writer vs. Writer

I am staring at a first draft of a manuscript that was supposed to have been finished by now. Throughout all of August and a decent chunk of September there was excellent momentum. And then the writer began to get in the way, especially by early October. It would be easy to justify the completion delay by […]

The Unexpected Sacred

Music is an end in and of itself. I have briefly considered this in other contexts, but this gentle truth brushed itself against my heart today while watching my daughter and others perform in a great Williamson County (TN) arts camp called “Kids on Stage.” One of the classes offered during the camp was African […]

That Kurtzian Nature

Recently I bought the documentary Hearts of Darkness, about the making of Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. The behind-the-scenes footage and interviews reflect how the adaptation of Joseph Conrad's book Heart of Darkness closely paralleled the production experience of Director Coppola and other members of the cast and crew. Coppola, sporting the […]

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