Healing Our Anger

Anger sucks. There’s no simpler way to put it, in my opinion. I’m at my lowest contentment when I’m angry at some person, group, or frustrating dynamic or process. Anger robs us of “Emotional Peace,” which is the third overall category I’m exploring in this ongoing blog series on “Progressive Mindfulness Intentions.” My previous entry […]

Toward Emotional Peace: Mantras

If we’re to be honest with ourselves, we don’t crave external happiness factors nearly as much as we desire emotional peace; most noticeably, through the quieting of that internal noise-maker known as our tenacious mind. Practicing “Visceral Awareness” and “Present Living,” as I’ve written about previously in this ongoing series on “progressive mindfulness,’ sets the […]

Mindful Journaling

I’m in Kansas City. I just finished journaling for the day, and this has inspired my final blog entry on “Present Living” in this series on progressive mindfulness practices (see earlier posts here). Journaling has been popular for ages. Sometimes it’s called “keeping a diary.” Some call it it by other names, such as a […]

Transcending Disappointment

Today, as I continue to reflect upon and write about “Present Living” in this series on progressive mindfulness, I embrace and acknowledge the disappointment that exists for me right now. I’m sure that a blog on “thankfulness” would be much more fun to read! Unfortunately, the transforming power of authentic gratitude is obscured by the […]

Becoming Present With Beauty

Beauty abounds; but we often fail to take notice, even if we’re growing skillful at “Present Living” by more fully engaging with people, activities, and our own intentions (see previous posts). “Present Living” is a mindful state that includes noticing and appreciating our surroundings. Our surroundings, wherever we happen to be, include beauty that appears […]

Engaging Our Intentions

In addition to being fully engaged with the people and activities before us (see previous entry), another indicator of progress in mindful, “Present Living” is noticing and exploring our lingering intentions. We intend something in every moment, whether or not we’re cognizant of such interior designs. We intend certain outcomes, usually related to specific personal […]

Present Living: It’s a Gift

The present moment is the only moment. I’ve learned this to be true, especially in terms of “bookish” knowledge. However, I’m less accomplished regarding putting this information into consistent practice. “Visceral Awareness” (see previous entries) sets the stage for “Present Living,” I believe, because if we’re not in touch with our bodies it will be […]

Mindful Eating, One Almond at a Time

The more I study and practice “Visceral Awareness” (see previous entries in this blog series), the more I realize how uninformed I’ve been about the deepest needs and resilience of the human body. Consistent meditation upon our breathing, intentionally wearing the Buddhist “half smile,” and tuning in to the body’s seven chakras (energy wheels) are […]

Chakra and Awe

Continuing my study of “Visceral Awareness” (see previous entries), I’m learning that I’m all about that chakra. Literally. Something to which I gave scant regard, until I got into my 40s, was how little attention I paid to the physical manifestations of any emotions I was experiencing. Like most of western culture, I was usually […]

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