Buddhism: Awakening to What Already Is

Buddhism is a practical, non-religious framework of practices that helps individuals increase happiness and decrease suffering. It’s more than 2,500 years old, is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, and its mindfulness meditation practices have been proven by modern neuroscience to transform our elastic brains in positive, sustainable ways that align with high levels […]

time bomb

The Ticking Time Bomb of the Tick

Here’s how the ticking time bomb of the tick is happening in real time, followed by the low-hanging fruit of a few habit changes that can make a collective difference. Millions of us are eating traditional hamburgers, which come from beef. Beef comes from cattle. The raising of cattle requires a significant amount of land, […]


Input Overload vs. Clarity

One of my top strengths is also one of my core weaknesses. I’ll elaborate in a moment, but consider whether this statement is generally true for you as well, whatever your strengths happen to be. The personal strength I’m referring to is labeled as “Input” by the popular CliftonStrengths assessment, but I was cultivating this […]


Learning the Enneagram

During the past few months I’ve devoured several books on the Enneagram, an ancient spiritual road map that helps a person grow lighter and gain clarity once they’ve owned their lingering darkness and confusion. As I’ve read, I’ve captured dozens of pages of insights in my journals, often diagramming how the different Enneagram concepts tie […]

Becoming Present With Beauty

Beauty abounds; but we often fail to take notice, even if we’re growing skillful at “Present Living” by more fully engaging with people, activities, and our own intentions (see previous posts). “Present Living” is a mindful state that includes noticing and appreciating our surroundings. Our surroundings, wherever we happen to be, include beauty that appears […]

Present Living: It’s a Gift

The present moment is the only moment. I’ve learned this to be true, especially in terms of “bookish” knowledge. However, I’m less accomplished regarding putting this information into consistent practice. “Visceral Awareness” (see previous entries) sets the stage for “Present Living,” I believe, because if we’re not in touch with our bodies it will be […]