The Brilliant Strategy of White Supremacy

Let me see if I understand this correctly… Our nation’s white supremacy complex works tirelessly to oppress and destroy Black Americans through slavery, Jim Crow, “law enforcement,” and mass incarceration/war on drugs, resulting in endless generational cycles of economic, educational, employment, environmental, health, lifespan, trauma, and voting disadvantages…and then labels these same Black Americans as […]


Racial Justice: Education Equity (Updated, Sept. 2020)

Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color continue to experience inequities in access to high-quality education–and these disparities have been exacerbated by COVID-19. According to this recent, well-researched article by McKinsey & Company, the average Black or Hispanic student remains roughly two years behind the average white student, and low-income students continue to be […]


Racial Justice and the “6 Ps”

Question: What is, has, and will always be the intention behind racist attitudes and behaviors? Answer: An agile alliteration of “6 Ps.” They are: the Promulgation of Policies that enable the Power, Prosperity, and Prestige of those with white Privilege. Look and Listen Peel back the layers of some white rhetoric, unpacking phrases such as […]


Documenting My White Privilege

For white people, one of the most important foundations of racial justice work is recognizing and accepting one’s existing white privilege. White privilege, once embraced as a dynamic, constant reality in American life, is not something to feel defensive or guilty about. More helpfully, awareness of privilege can cultivate gratitude–and the will to extend privileges […]