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And now…some catch phrases, and their true meanings, nominated for the Gaslighting Hall of Fame:

“Liberal media” – catch-all grouping for stuck up, intelligent journalists who dare to conduct thorough research, care about human rights, and call people out on their bullshit.

“Family values” – Judeo-Christian monotheism and its rightful place as the foundation for a theocratic state.

“Individual freedom” – protection of the power, prestige, and prosperity of the white upper caste at all costs, including denying similar freedoms to those of lower castes (and, quite often, those not identifying as male).

“Voter fraud” – subterfuge label, unsupported by evidence, that cloaks the systematic use of all means necessary to hinder the ability or motivation for certain demographics to cast a vote.

“All lives matter” – as long as they’re white.