Surveillance Capitalism

The 21st Century has not been known for its efforts to protect Americans’ privacy. The new millennium didn’t start out that way, but within its first few years two events changed the game: the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks (with their subsequent passing of the Patriot Act and commencement of the War on Terror) and […]


Preventing Future Pandemics

Most of us are so consumed by trying to deal with the current pandemic that we’re not thinking through how to prevent future, deadlier ones. Such prevention rests up on a dual interplay of strong healthcare processes and a different orientation toward animals. The American healthcare apparatus has proven woefully inadequate to arrest the onslaught […]


We Can and Must Do Better

As COVID-19 rages on and future pandemics lie in wait; as ecosystems collapse, homes and businesses are destroyed, and poverty and disease spread; as surveillance capitalists go unchecked and industrial complexes continue to possess far more power than consumers, the collective impact is a widening inequality leading, unsurprisingly, to increasing social unrest. The 2020 pandemic […]


Racial Justice: Climate Change (Updated, Sept. 2020)

Due to many intersectional injustices, Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color are more severely impacted by catastrophic weather events and ongoing environmental shifts driven by climate change. The United States, like most industrialized countries, isn’t cutting emissions fast enough to meet the United Nation’s 2030 climate goals set forth in the 2015 Paris […]


Climate Change: What it is, Why it Matters, What You Can Do

Climate Change is the shift in global or regional climate patterns, occurring from the mid-to-late 20th Century onward, attributed largely to increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. “Greenhouse gases” trap heat and make the planet warmer and, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Human activities are responsible […]


How “5 Big Disruptors” Interrelate

I’m a Nashville-based writer, talent strategist, and certified executive coach. On this website, I share insights and actionable practices concerning mindfulness, learning agility, and storytelling: lifelong strengths that will help you love your career and enhance your quality of life. Most of us are facing similar pain points: nonstop change, accelerating economic and technological disruption, […]

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