What is Disruption?

What is “disruption,” above and beyond someone simply interrupting you while you’re busy?    In business terms, disruption is an innovation that creates a new market and new customer habits within a particular industry, rattling the established, industry-leading companies and the value of their products and services.   You probably hear about disruption or “disruptors” […]

5 Biggest “Disruptors” Defined

Here’s quick, working definitions of each of the five biggest disruptors driving the relentless change and ambiguity impacting everyone in different, yet interrelated, ways:   Algorithms Algorithms are processes or sets of rules followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by computers. Algorithms gather data about everyone and everything, from every imaginable, interconnected source, […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Fighting Media Bias Against Women Politicians

The media’s bias against powerful women, whether they’re politicians or business leaders, is so entrenched that the average person is anesthetized to it and won’t easily spot it in action. The fight for women’s equality would be easier if the patriarchy was simply confined to ostensible right-wingers, chauvinists, misogynists, conservatives, religious zealots, and the GOP […]


How Men Can Help “Smash the Patriarchy”

Men? Have you given much thought to what “patriarchy” truly means? Do you realize how much it’s benefited us while hindering so many women’s quality of life? My first job out of college was at Walt Disney World. I remember a meeting during which a white male manager was explaining different career options to a […]

jacob anderson 2

Ending Rape Culture Is a Long-Term Game

Did you catch the news this week? The plea deal for Baylor University fraternity president Jacob Walter Anderson is another egregious example of how our country continues to enable rape culture through its leniency on those convicted of this type of violence against women, especially if they are young white men of privilege. Despite decades of education about […]

Ilhan Omar

Climate Change and Intersectionality: Do Your Homework

It’s tough to sort through all the reports and sound bytes concerning climate change. Therefore, anyone who wants to make specific choices related to this issue needs objective facts and data to fall back on when emotional rhetoric makes everyone more overwhelmed and frustrated. There’s so much wisdom being overlooked in this discussion. For example, […]

Slouching Toward Theocracy

Just another egregious example of our nation slouching closer and closer to theocracy: The U.S. Attorney General’s use of a Biblical passage to justify separating immigrant children from their parents. Even Jeff Sessions’ denomination, The United Methodist Church, condemned his behavior. Public policy “proof texting” from any sacred scroll should scare us all. Despite popular […]

Career Development: A Human Rights Issue

For me, a white male of privilege, yesterday was a tipping point when a subconscious perception became an obvious truth: career development is a human rights issue. Please allow me to elaborate. My life is dedicated to helping others gain the awareness, resources, and guidance needed to unleash their fullest potential. And I would be […]