What “Story” Are You Telling Yourself?

What “Story” Are You Telling Yourself?

That question came to me this morning when I was journaling out some meditations. And it’s stuck with me because I’m awed by the multi-dimensional power and impact of storytelling.

Stories shape us, stick with us, and often inform–even subconsciously–the decisions we make. Stories we tell ourselves about our strengths, good character, and possibilities shape our orientation toward the day’s work and interpersonal communications. Stories about “how much we suck”…well, they have their own way of shaping things.

So what story are you telling yourself, and is it aligned with the way you want to live?

I write tips on how mindfulness, learning agility, and the aforementioned storytelling can help you love your career. As a bonus, most of these tips will also enhance your overall quality of life.

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