9 Tips and Advice for Writers

9 Tips and Advice for Other Writers Read! Read with breadth and depth – Stephen King calls reading “the creative center of a writer’s life” Write every day, even if it’s just in your personal journal. Daily prose evolves into prolific prose. Allow your ideas to spring up organically, rather than selecting genres you perceive […]


Some Wisdom From James Baldwin

Yesterday morning, I listened to The Paris Review podcast and heard LeVar Burton recreate a 1984 speech by the late writer James Baldwin. I was walking through my neighborhood and had to stop a few times to enter quotes into the Evernote app on my iPhone: “An artist is someone who helps you see reality.” “A […]

What Drives You to Write?

Writers, what drives you to write? Early this morning I was doing some self-examination, questioning my motives as an indie author and blogger. How much of crafting words on a page and uploading for the world to see is about my own manufactured self-importance? Do I have a suffering need to be read? And if […]